Automated Dredging and Disposal Alternatives Modeling System (ADDAMS)

US Army Corps of Engineers | Engineer Research and Development Center | Environmental Lab

ADDAMS is a personal-computer-based design, analysis, and evaluation system for dredged material disposal and management. The creation of the system was a response to requests by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers field offices for tools to rapidly evaluate dredged material management alternatives.

ADDAMS is a set of continually evolving, state-of-the-art, computer-based tools that will increase the accuracy, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of dredged material management activities in a timely manner. More specifically, ADDAMS provides necessary tools to perform the engineering and planning evaluation for development of a long-term management strategy for dredged material disposal and to evaluate the environmental acceptability of dredged material management alternatives.

Presently, ADDAMS has programs for 16 applications involving management of dredged material disposal or evaluation of environmental acceptability of dredged material disposal alternatives. ADDAMS also has a demo which gives information for 8 of the programs.

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