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Beneficial Use of Dredged Sediment (BU) Center for Contaminated Sediments (CCS) Dredging Innovations Group (DIG) Dredging Operations and Environmental Research (DOER) Engineering With Nature (EWN) Thin Layer Placement of Dredged Sediment (TLP) Threatened and Endangered Species Team (TEST)

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Biota-Sediment Accumulation Factor Database (BSAF) Engineering With Nature ProMap (EWN ProMAP) Environmental Effects & Dredging and Disposal (E2D2) Environmental Residue Effects Database (ERED) Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site Database (ODMDS)

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Knowledge Core: ERDC's Digital Repository

Knowledge CoreĀ is a service of ERDC's Information Science and Knowledge Management Branch that collects, preserves and distributes the ERDC's research publications and historical knowledge. The growing collection includes technical reports, technical notes, papers, photographs, and videos.

At this site you will find colllections for ERDC's current dredging research programs:

A collection of archived former dredging research is also available:


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An ERDC Technical Report (TR) is the principal vehicle documenting the results of a sponsored research and development project that has been completed or terminated. A TR also may be prepared to report significant milestones achieved during a phased or multi-year project.

Technical Notes

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Technical Notes

An ERDC Technical Note is more narrowly focused than a TR. It may be used to publish the following types of information: (1) a project synopsis; (2) an interim report describing significant early results before all objectives of the investigation have been achieved; or (3) spin-off results of a research project.