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Biota-Sediment Accumulation Factor Database (BSAF) Engineering With Nature ProMap (EWN ProMAP) Environmental Effects & Dredging and Disposal (E2D2) Environmental Residue Effects Database (ERED) Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site Database (ODMDS)

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Welcome to the DOTS Technical Request System. To open a DOTS request, please fill in the form with your information. The request will be sent to the DOTS program manager who will review the information and determine if DOTS can provide the appropriate support. Then, if the request is accepted, the program manager will identify a scientist or engineer (or contact the scientist/engineer requested on your form) from ERDC who will contact you shortly. DOTS will fund a maximum of 80 hours of the scientist's or engineer's labor and travel to help meet the request needs. If after the 80 hours are expended and support is still needed, then a reimbursable project or MIPR funded by the District or Division will be necessary to continue. DOTS response products have included ERDC technical notes, guidance documents, webinars, training, conference calls, technology demonstrations, site visits, and conference presentations. The level of support and response products are unique to each request.

Upon submission, the request will be e-mailed to the program manager. A confirmation of receipt will also be sent to the requester's e-mail entered in the form.

DOTS Responses

All DOTS responses are documented to summarize the technical activities performed, deliverables completed, and benefits of the response to the Dredging/Navigation program(s).

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